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is the building decoration enterprise established in 1987. After nearly 30 years of development in the market, the company reformed the system and changed the name in 2012.

Currently, the registered capital of the company is RMB 120 million Yuan and the professional qualifications include:

  • -Class-A Decoration Special Design
  • - Professional Contracting Level-1 Construction and Decoration Engineering
  • - Professional Contracting Level-2 Building Curtain Engineering
  • - General Contracting Level-3 Building Engineering Construction
  • - General Contracting Level-3 Municipal and Public Engineering
  • - Professional Contracting Level-3 Steel Structure Engineering
  • - Professional Contracting Level-3 Building Mechanical and Electrical Installation Engineering
  • - Professional Contracting Level-3 Ancient Building Engineering

Headquartered in Jingtai Building, No. 1175, Xietu Rd., Xuhui District, Shanghai, the company has the total office area of 1500m

The branches of the company include: Beijing Branch, Shandong Branch, Suzhou Branch, Hainan Branch, Anhui Branch, Neimenggu Branch, Xuancheng Branch, Yinchuan Branch, Pudong Branch, Xuhui Branch, Jing’an Branch, Changning Branch, Minghang Branch, No. 1 Branch and No. 3 Branch with its business throughout the country. In 2016, the decoration design and construction contract value reaches RMB 1 billion Yuan.

The company has attached high emphasis to talents cultivation and reserve. Currently, the company has 280 staffs, including 7 senior technicians, 41 intermediate engineers, 18 constructors, 11 associate constructors. In recent 3 years, the company has provided professional training and entrusted training for contract employees, including 127 staffs with primary title and nearly 100 budgeteers, constructors, quality controllers, material officers and safety officers in the building decoration industry. Currently, they play the important role in engineering management.

With wide qualification scope, to face the wider and diversified market, our company is warmly welcoming those who are willing to devote themselves to the above fields, and we will provide the advantaged business development platform, competitive compensation ad career development. We are happy to work with you to make us become the internationally renowned building decoration company.

Contact us

20/F, Jingtai Building, No.1175, Xietu Road, Shanghai
T +86 21 64042231 F +86 21 64042230

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